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TedsWoodworking collection of 16,000 plans-My review of the best blueprints, illustrations and woodworking plans to make any project easy and hassle-free

If you love woodworking like I do you are going to want to listen to this. I came across a set of woodworking plans that will keep you busy for, well, probably forever. No kidding.

best woodworking projectsI started my search for woodworking plans to keep my hobby going, I’m retired and I found out a long time ago that I better have a hobby or I was going to lose my marbles.

I’ve loved woodworking most of my life and as my woodworking hobby has changed dynamics over the years I still had difficulty finding people that sold good plans.

At one point I made and sold crafts at the craft shows, then I got married and needed a shelf or a cabinet. Then the kids came and they needed doll houses etc.

“Of all the woodwork kits I have bought over the years, this is the best collection I have. Its an excellent resource for beginners as well as seasoned woodworkers. It includes tons of blueprints for different small crafts, furniture, and outdoor projects and it’s simply outstanding…

an excellent investment for anyone starting out. I would love to have had these when I was building my first outdoor deck. Considering the excellent content, and the quality of the plans itself, this package is quite a bargain. “

free woodworking plansI’d find good plans here, there, then I put them into a file, then as the projects go on, I forget where I put the dang plans that I wanted to make. Man is that aggravating! I would continue to look online and search for new plans and start the process all over again. Ever seen a dog chase his tail? I think you get my point.


So, what did I find? I found this gigantic collection of
16,000 woodworking plans.

I just got this and love it, you’ve got to have a look.

Get access to 16,000 woodworking plans

TedsWoodworking has over 16,000 woodworking plans with STEP-BY-STEP instructions, photos, and diagrams to make every project real easy…

Ted’s collection of plans are some of the best I’ve seen. If you’re a woodworker, you really don’t want to miss out on this great deal.

Take a look at his plans…


  • This is the *EASIEST* way to start your woodworking projects -and it’s still at a ridiculously low price.
  • If you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned carpenter, you’ll find out just how simple it is to build projects using TedsWoodworking step-by-step plans.
  • With over 16,000 plans, it covers a ton of projects. Check it out and see why I endorse it so much.

Here’s just a partial list of all 16,000 plans included…

Playhouses, Bedside Cabinets, Bee Hive Plans, Bird Feeders, Playhouses, Deck Plans, Storage Plans, Trellis Plans, Cat House Plans, Outdoor Plans, Children’s Room Plans, Chicken Houses, and so many more…

TedsWootedswoodworking reviewdworking has fast become the most popular woodworking package

If you are looking for the best blueprints, illustrations, and plans to make any project easy and hassle-free than I urge you to get in while it’s cheap.

Remember, not only will it give you step by step instructions on whatever you’re working on, but it will also give you tons of ideas for your next woodworking project.

This is your chance to grab all 16,000 plans at this discount price.

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“Quite possibly the best collection of woodworking plans we’ve come across…” -Chief Editor, Woodwork Magazine

“Ted has an extensive selection of plans with amazing clarity…thumbs up!” -American Woodworker Magazine